Here's our commentary on how people and organizations are using adaptability to deal with the latest challenges.

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Here is a new article in The National Interest by Dominic Johnson and Bradley Thayer, both authors of chapters in the book... Read More

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The brand new journal Security Informatics  has published an article by Rafe Sagarin and Terry Taylor in its inaugural issue.  We highlight several ways in which biological systems use informatics to communicate with predators and competitors, and how they use information to adapt.  It... Read More

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One of the starting points when I talk to any group about adaptability—whether they are first responders, warfighters, businesspeople, or teachers—is the basic idea that just like all living organisms since the first life forms on Earth, we all live in a world that is full of risk and almost... Read More

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No one expected that the “bromance” forged between Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and Democratic President Barack Obama in the days following the strike of Hurricane Sandy would last. We all expect that Governor Christie will go back to Tony Soprano-esque denunciations of Obama... Read More

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Too often we try to simplify a problem to solve it. But we, and millions of effective problem solving organisms in nature have been solving problems in a very complex world for billions of years. We do, indeed, use various subconscious processes to simplify this complex world we live in, but... Read More


Most people probably don’t think of Germany right away when they think of adaptability, but an article in the October 2012 Scientific American called “Why Germany Still Makes Things” reveals that at least some aspects of adaptable solutions are at work in Germany’s tenacity in maintaining a... Read More


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