Here's our commentary on how people and organizations are using adaptability to deal with the latest challenges.


Here is some commentary I wrote and presented at the National Defense University providing biological justification for General Martin Dempsey's "Mission Command" strategy for the U.S. Joint Force. Mission Command is really all about adaptability.

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Here's a new article on cyber security and adaptability that I wrote for IEEE Security and Privacy. The idea of Bio-hacking is not hacking into someone else's computer code for new ideas, but hacking into biology's code to see how all the organisms on Earth who have been running this code deal... Read More

Harvard Business Review, cyber security, adaptability, firewalls, evolution

Here's Rafe's latest HBR blog post as part of their "Data Under Siege" series.  The main lessons from biology are: that barriers and walls are almost always permeable (they have been for billions of... Read More

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Orginally published in Harvard Business Review blog on March 5, 2013
Remember when Apple's stock traded at $7 a share? I do, because that's when I sold my shares. Tech experts' sage predictions had convinced me that the Mac would never make a dent in the PC market. As it turned out, the... Read More

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David Brooks has a nice column in the New York Times on what data can’t do.  It is a welcomed attempt to temper the recent wild enthusiasm about “big data” and perhaps a... Read More

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Here I discuss the difference between adaptation and resilience in this answer to an audience question at the January 24, 2012 Signature Lecture for the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


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