Rafe Sagarin has been discussing adaptable solutions with a wide range of audiences, from emergency responders to school teachers to management consultants. These stimulating events can include book readings, interactive lectures, and half-day or multi-day workshops. Events can be booked by contacting Rafe Sagarin here.

Emergency Management Executive Academy

08/24/2012 | Emmitsburg, MD

Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Executive Leadership Program

08/20/2012 | Monterey, CA
08/14/2012 | Tempe, AZ

Powell’s Bookstore

08/06/2012 | Portland, Oregon

Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development Network

05/04/2012 |

Town Hall

05/01/2012 | eattle, WA

The Commonwealth Club

04/30/2012 | San Francisco, CA

Google, Inc.

04/30/2012 | San Francisco, CA

National Defense University

04/06/2012 | Washington, DC

American Association for the Advancement of Science

04/05/2012 | Washington, DC