Rafe Sagarin has been discussing adaptable solutions with a wide range of audiences, from emergency responders to school teachers to management consultants. These stimulating events can include book readings, interactive lectures, and half-day or multi-day workshops. Events can be booked by contacting Rafe Sagarin here.

02/04/2013 | Highlights

Here are short 1-5 minute clips of Rafe Sagarin's lectures on adaptability as well as full length lectures given to Google, Inc.


Learn How to Be Adaptable

01/10/2014 |

Rafe's 1 day course on organizational adaptability is being offered through the University of Arizona's Continuing & Professional Education Program.  The course, to be held in Tucson at a beautiful... Read More

09/25/2013 |

Rafe is really excited to be presenting at this year's Kentucky Idea Festival.  It looks like a great mix of innovators, artists, activists, even a magician - all ways of life where adaptability is key!

Boston and Biology

04/25/2013 |

The New England Aquarium hosted Rafe for a discussion of Learning from the Octopus.  It was an emotional event, coming just a week after the Boston Marathon bombings.  But the adaptability of a city like Boston is imparted in part by its strong tribal identity.  When we see tribes... Read More

At the Alliance for Peacebuilding

04/16/2013 | United States Institute for Peace

Rafe provided a keynote speech for the Alliance for Peacebuilding's annual meeting.  An incredible group of dedicated and deeply experienced individuals working with governments and NGOs to build peace where there was, and often still is, conflict.  We talked about the power of symbiosis, and with the Boston bombings weighing heavily on... Read More

01/24/2013 |

Rafe Sagarin discusses adaptability at a Signature Event for the Centre for International Governance Innovation, January, 2013. A great audience with excellent questions.

01/09/2013 | Tucson, AZ

American Red Cross Annual Meeting, Keynote Address

10/15/2012 | Oakland, CA
09/21/2012 | Tucson, AZ