Learn How to Be Adaptable

Friday, January 10, 2014

Rafe's 1 day course on organizational adaptability is being offered through the University of Arizona's Continuing & Professional Education Program.  The course, to be held in Tucson at a beautiful time of year in the desert, includes a great lunch at Tavolino!


Learning from the Octopus Day Course by Rafe Sagarin


Today’s organizations—whether in business, environmental protection, emergency response, government service or public health--have the seemingly impossible task of balancing security, productivity, and innovation while operating in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world. Yet the biological world has been successfully doing this very thing for 3.5 billion years, through the basic process of adaptability. Dr. Rafe Sagarin, a marine biologist, Guggenheim Fellow, and author will explain how individuals and organizations can simultaneously increase their security and become more innovative by unleashing the natural secrets of adaptability. Using surprising examples from the natural world, as well as fascinating human characters to tell the story of adaptability, he will share stories that will inspire you to unlock your creativity to solve challenges in whole new ways. Participants in this workshop will discover how to use the four primary practices of adaptable systems: decentralization, creative redundancy, symbiosis, and learning from success to examine past practices and move confidently into an unpredictable future.



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The course fee includes lunch at Tavolino Restaurant, and the book, Learning from the Octopus